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17ST Barbecue Feast

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17ST Barbecue Feast

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Feed 8-10 of your family or best friends with this barbecue feast. 2 Slabs Apple City Grand World Champion Baby Back Ribs, 2 lbs Pulled Pork, 1/2 gallon 17th Street Tangy Pit Beans, along with a bottle of Magic Dust and your choice of Original, Little Kick or Apple City Red barbecue sauce.

**PLEASE NOTE: Orders must be received by 12 noon to ship that day. We're in a small town and FedEx picks up mid afternoon. If you absolutely need this barbecue the next day, and you're ordering around noon, kindly call our office so we're sure to be aware of the order. We'd hate to miss it. Also please note that we only ship on Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs.

**PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST CHOOSE 1- or 2-DAY SHIPPING for food items! Must choose 1-day shipping for food items during the summer months.