The magic of 17th Street Barbecue, delivered to your door.

Barbecue Seminars

with mike mills, amy mills & the 17ST crew

We offer the only professional barbecue business classes in the world. The seminars are held at The Warehouse at 17th Street, our event and catering facility in Murphysboro, Illinois, across the street from our mothership restaurant. We share the cooking, operations, branding, and marketing secrets that have made Mike Mills the “most-revered barbecue restaurateur in America” (Restaurants & Institutions Magazine). Just two or three nuggets of the valuable information we share can significantly impact your business and bottom line.

Each of our events builds on the Business of Barbecue seminar and people come back time and again because OnCue Consulting is the premiere resource for barbecue business information and education.

  • Catering Master Class 2019


    This class focuses specifically on barbecue catering. Catering can add significant revenue to your bottom line – provided you run your business like a pro. Repeat business depends upon how good you make your client look and staying in business depends upon savvy business procedures and appropriate pricing. The 17th Street crew, along with a rotating cast of guest presenters, share information about logistics, pricing, procedures, resources, holding and transporting food, and decor. We also demonstrate several new recipes to add to your catering repertoire. This class builds on skills learned and information presented in Business of Barbecue, so you must attend Business of Barbecue first — or be fairly experienced with catering.

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  • Business of Barbecue 2020

    Business of Barbecue is a two-day seminar that combines cooking barbecue for a restaurant or catering operation with classroom seminars discussing branding, marketing, PR, vending, and restaurant financials. We prep and cook ribs, chicken, brisket, and pork with an emphasis on holding and re-therming techniques. We’ve found that almost anyone can make barbecue that tastes great right off the pit. How you handle the meat afterwards is the key to serving great barbecue at anytime during the day. We share information about resources and suppliers, and you get to tour behind the scenes of two of our restaurants and our catering facility. This class is filled with information that will benefit anyone from a novice to an experienced operator. Remember, just one or two new ideas or ways of doing things can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. 

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  • Whole Hog Extravaganza / Bovine Bonanza / BBQ MBA 2020

    Start 2020 with an unparalleled barbecue educational and networking experience, and a celebration of all things whole hog and brisket! You’ll watch the top hog and brisket cookers in the country prep and cook their famous styles of barbecue and enjoy a feast at the end. While the barbecue is on the pit, the pit masters, joined by some savvy marketing and media minds, share their best practices and discuss timely and relevant issues in the BBQ MBA portion of the seminar.

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